15 Amazing Ideas of Using Space under Your Stairs

The area under the stair is usually neglected by the homeowner. This is either because they haven’t thought about maximizing the space or would not want to make the living room looks too crowded. However, with a little creativity this space can be turned into a functional space. If you are looking for some inspirations to remodel your living room by maximizing the space beneath your stair, here we present 15 creative ideas of maximizing underneath space.

As you can see, one of the creative homeowners uses space under stairs for bed. This is a great idea for a guest who wants to stay a night. Some original ideas come in form of turning this space into a fireplace. Aquarium is also great to be placed here, since it doesn’t take as much space for bed. I hope these pictures can spark ideas for your home remodeling and we would love to see your comments about these pictures. Enjoy!