17 Exotic Interior Design Ideas Using Zebra Print

Many people still think that zebra print can bring down the fashion statement of any home decor. However, if combined with the right accessories, zebra print can add an exotic look to your home design. Here we have collected 17 zebra print interior design ideas to inspire you if you are considering putting animal print into your home decor. It should be put correctly; otherwise zebra print can make room looks crowded. In these pictures, you can see how zebra print is creatively used in bedroom, bathroom, living room, and working room.

The zebra print in these pictures adds appealing sense while maintain the balance of the whole theme. For the bedroom, animal print adds savanna atmosphere. Carpet with zebra print can offset a formal interior decoration without making it looks too overwhelming. These interior design ideas incorporating zebra print are carefully chosen. Enjoy how the furniture and decorative elements are put together in zebra patterned bed sheet, curtain and carpet. So, do these pictures of zebra print inspire you?

Zebra Print matress and pillow

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