25 Awesome Pictures of Teenage Girls Bedrooms

If you are looking for teenage girl bedroom ideas, then our collection of pictures below will delight you. We have gathered 25 beautiful teenage girl bedrooms that represent the spirit and personalities of young girls. As you scroll down, you can enjoy various selections of décor ranging from serious to simple interior design with cheerful touch from bright colors such as orange and pink.

 All the rooms represent the ideal place for girl as a working space, socializing spot and place to rest. These rooms feature small bookcases, shelves to store books CDs and chick looking cabinets that young girls will love. Mirrors are also a must-have item in any girl’s room. Learn about how each of the furniture and decorative element gives special function to these rooms.


Though not all rooms reflect a particular theme, the decorating elements come in a very good harmony to fulfill both aesthetic and functional purposes. These bedroom designs may not have sparked in your mind before. Therefore, this could be a great reference for you in designing your teenage girl’s bedroom. Enjoy the pictures and let us know what you think.