A Boring Small Space Turned Into A Modern and Inviting Apartment in Tel Aviv

Turning a boring apartment into a modern and comfortable living is what the architectural studio Sfaro did in this Tel Aviv apartment. You will find that the design is very inspiring, and perhaps you can get inspiration from this apartment for your next interior project. Occupying a 59 sq meters surface, this apartment uses warm color tone such as white and cream to make a welcoming and inviting living space. Small space is cleverly optimized with the arrangement of furniture. You can see how the designer cleverly put the things in this small apartment so that it doesn’t sacrifice the look. The transformation was completed by eliminating unused corridors and closets to maximize space usage. This space was then used to make the second bedroom that is smaller than the main one. The wooden white flooring is also captivating, which matches perfectly with the wooden furniture. The new layout showcases two support columns that are used to make the most of the space. This apartment features heating and cooling system and service functions for the convenient of the inhabitants. As you can see, the central circulation is also very well incorporated to complement the space. Hopefully this transformation is inspiring for anyone who wants to turn a boring small space interior into a cozy and stylish living.

Tel Aviv Small Apartment