A Floating Terrace On A Riverbank in Itaipaya, Brazil

Water is the main element of this small house on a riverbank in Itaipaya, Brazil. This house is very appealing as it showcases a terrace that seems like floating above the water. Water element is not only found outside the house, but the designer brought it inside by creating a small indoor pool. Green water of the river brings a mind-soothing effect to the inhabitants who demanded a living space by riverbank.  The interior of the house is also captivating with lounge beds and double height spa offering ultimate relaxation.

There is a stone fireplace that warms the house and functions as a focal point in the living room. The wide glass door connects the exterior and interior of the house.  The architect from Studio Cadas Architecture said that the house combines various elements such as glass, wood, stone and natural light to make a harmony with the surrounding landscape.  This house is more than just a place to live, but it is a recreation place in a peaceful environment. Luscious green of the forest behind the house also provides a refreshing ambiance to the inhabitants.

House in Itaipava by Cadas Architecture