A-G House: A Family Residence With Highly Modern Architecture In Melbourne

Occupying a tranquil area in Melbourne, Australia, the house with minimalist architecture was designed as an entertaining living. Nestled above a 450 square meters ground, the house is a three generation residence with a stunning design. The A-G House was designed by dKO Architecture. Black and white color palettes define its modern facade. The house was inspired by mid century modern architecture, and it incorporates dark framed windows in it exterior and interior that might remind you of the house in Cousing-Homes in Melbourne. White lines terraces stand out from the dark colored walls. Glazed walls are used to let the natural light to flood in all corners of the house. The house uses different materials such as concrete, glass, timber, and bluestone, which are blended them into a harmonious interior. There are two independent living areas that are separated by a central outdoor entertaining spot where the inhabitants can have numerous family activities. Surrounded by green vegetation, this house is a sample of a great relaxation family house.

A G House by dKO Architecture 14