A House By Remmelt Van Der Wal Displaying A Refreshing Living With Stylish Interior

The house designed by Remmelt Van der Wal looks captivating from the outside with its dramatic light shade. House that covers an area of more than 200 square meters is located in the middle of the city near Rijksmuseum. The interior offers a distinctive feature defining a modern minimalist living. Exposing a luxury interior, this house features high taste in design to meet its function as a refreshing place for work and resting. Innovative solutions compose this living to meet the needs of the owner. The architect expressed his freedom of creativity while keeping in mind his client’s demand. As the result, this apartment displays an elegant interior that fits seamlessly with the client’s lifestyle. Clean shape and efficiency can be seen in all the zones. Acrylic stone is the material composing the bookshelves, cupboard, bathroom walls, kitchen worktops and even the flooring. White paints create bright atmosphere that makes the decorative elements look stand out. Alpine wood flooring in chevron shapes looks very inviting. Though the house is not an open space living, a bright feel is obtained from the white interior. The furniture are durable, high quality items that also look stylish. Looking sober and calm, this house is a great house for those who love simplicity in peaceful feel living.

Remmelt Amsterdam