A House Flooded With Art Pieces With A Minimal Use of Colors

Remodeling an interior space of a Colorado home, the Stone Fox Design turned a traditional interior into a more personalized space to meet the needs of the owner. This 1980 house is owned by a young couple who wants to display avant-garde collections of contemporary art into their home. A home entitled the Aspen Residence reflects a minimalist house with a minimal use of colors. Elegant atmosphere is obtained from artistic display of the young art pieces and some famous masterpieces. The fabric, carpet and flooring are carefully chosen to go coherently to meet an artistic house style. These art pieces obviously become the focal point of the interior that also express the personality of the owner. More open-space concept is reflected from the glass railing staircase letting the art and architecture to blend perfectly. The floating fireplace becomes one of the unique features of the house. Do you love arts? This house must be an appealing house for you.

Aspen Residence by Stonefox Design (10)