A Modern Family Apartment Infused with Elegance in Bold Colors

Cheerful ambiance in minimalist design is what can best define this Apartment. Located in Warsaw, Poland, this apartment cleverly designed with perfect combination of colors in its interior. ThisWarsaw Apartment, designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury, is an open space living suffused with daylight. It comprises of four different zones; hall, kitchen, workspace and living room. The choice of furniture gives an endless chic statement to the rooms. In the living room, you will be welcomed with a comfortable grey sofa. The way the furniture are put together and the right shaping of space give this apartment a sense of freedom that caters all activities. The rooms apply open concept so they can be used for different purposes; socializing, work, and entertainment.

The interior is dominated with white tone while wooden floor stands out to break the silence. In the kitchen colors, more bright colors such as yellow are used to enhance the lively atmosphere of the kitchen. The living room has a white bookcase and yellow carpet that go in harmony with the lamps, chairs, pillows and other small decorative elements. Bold stripes also give chic look that is interrupted by the long white consoles. The green bathroom is simply outstanding. You will be eager to stay longer in there as it is designed in highly elegant taste using peaceful color palette. So, is it the kind of living you have always dream of? Share what you think.