A Modern Living in Israel with Sustainable Concept and Panoramic View to the Mediterranean Sea

Located in Israel, this contemporary home offers sustainable architecture. Designed by Heidi Arad Architects, this relatively small residence is intended to expose the elegant interior and exterior. The home uses mainly white kitchen color palette with wooden cladding that adds warmth and natural atmosphere.

There are large sliding doors that provide the inhabitants with direct view of the Mediterranean Sea. Its strength is on the modern decoration and impressively stylish interior design. As you can see that sustainable architecture is smartly adapted; ventilation allows natural light and air to enter, which also allows guests to enjoy a scenic view through the windows. Special tank is used to collect rainwater that can be used for household purposes. This is simply a very energy efficient housing. You can also see the natural materials such as wood and stone that are widely used for the door and floor in this home.

modern residence 3

The kitchen is designed without any separation with the dining room and the family room making this home looks larger and more open. Overall, this is a great place to spend in the afternoon while looking at the sunset or reading book. If you like a sustainable concept living with beautifully-designed interior, this house should be the one to choose.