A Modern Multigeneration House in Singapore Fitting Each Inhabitant’s Need

This Apartment House project completed by Formwekz Architect was built with a vision to provide a modern living for multi generations. The house, which consists of three stories, is located in a suburban area in Singapore, and it  showcases a living that can be expanded or changed according to the needs of each inhabitant. Although it was built to meet the need of different inhabitants, the house features a zone where all family can gather and enjoy spare time. With its large scale, the house can accommodate new family members. Its two linear volumes are separated by a swimming pool below, but connected in the upper level by a common space for family. In the upper floor of this two-storey volume is where the master bedroom for the parents is located. The garden above the roof with green carpet of grass becomes an interesting natural spot of this house. On the lower floor, there is a children space with interior that is accustomed to each child’s need. This house also features a massage room and an art studio.  Dining room and kitchen are located on the ground floor. Another unique feature of the house is the two volumes that can be converted into bungalows. This house is a great sample of living for a big family? Do you find it as interesting as I do?