A Small Apartement Mixing Modern Style Living With Old Fusion Furniture

White color dominates this small apartment, which perfectly blends modern style and old fusion. The building, which was actually built in early 1900, was renovated into a bright living space. Occupying a total area of 65 square meters, this small apartment features two main rooms. The white-dominated interior lets the furniture to stand out. The masonry red brick wall stands out from the rest, which adding some rustic atmosphere.  Rustic atmosphere can also be seen from the choice of furniture such as chairs and table.

To make this apartment looks larger, the designer combined the living room and kitchen into a single borderless area. It makes an inviting living for socializing. Checking out the hall, this relaxing spot is filled with light coming through the windows. Clever use of space is implemented, seen from the many hidden storage spaces around the house. There is a king-sized bed in a relaxing bedroom with its lovely work desk in front of the window.

minimalist Swedish apartment