A Small Apartment with A Mix of Rustic and Modern Style

If you love subtle interior design, you will not want to miss this cozy apartment located in Stadshem. The rustic interior design style can be seen when you are walking through the small hallway. But, rustic theme is not the whole statement of this apartment design. The contemporary lines are found from the furniture choices that use clean and straight cut.

Walking through the hallway, you will be leaded to the living room where you can enjoy a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Though the living room seems a little crowded, the fluffy couch offers a chick look and comfortable place to sit. A little feminine look comes from fuchsia and pink details. Going to the kitchen, you will find a slight dark tone coming out from the tile that stands out from the white color of the furniture.

Small Apartment Rustic and Modern kitchen modern

The carpet gives a rustic feeling that brightens up the space. Powerful color choice is also well balanced with the stripped window shade.  For the dining room, though it is relatively small, it gives a modern atmosphere into the rustic style family table.

Coming to the bathroom, you can see that the small space is used effectively. Though it seems a bit outdated, the modern and rustic feeling blends in harmony. All in all, this small apartment is a very nice dwelling in the city.