A Small Modern Apartment with Flexible Furniture In New York City

Transforming a studio into a cozy and stylish apartment is the challenge answered by Studio Garneau.  Its main goal is to create a minimalist and clean living space with delightful atmosphere by optimizing the light and space. As the result, this New York apartment offers an open space with large perspective that becomes its main inspiration. Walnut is extensively used in almost all zones in this apartment such as the cabinet that stretches up to the ceiling. The green rug also lends a fresh look into the room that was cleverly chosen to balance the wooden material.


Transformer Loft 4

The white color of wall lets the other elements of the interior look captivating. Multifunction furniture also enhances the flexibility of this apartment. It can be seen from the table that can be transformed into a countertop with one single push. While the dining room and living room is merged, the bedroom is only separated with a sliding wall door. Moving to the bathroom, blue tile dominates the space that covers floor, wall up to the ceiling. Without separating it from the bathroom, the wardrobe is concealed as if it is just a white wall. But when it is opened, the striking walnut material reveals the beauty of this clothing compartment.  This allows the inhabitants to change clothes quickly without moving to another room.


With this design concept, the inhabitants can easily rearrange the layout by revealing and hiding the layer of space. Through its quick solution of customized arrangement, the apartment becomes a living space with multifunction furniture. The design reduces bad environment effect while improving the quality of air flow, cutting water and energy use, and using environmentally friendly materials.