A Townhouse Wrapped in Dark Espresso Colored Interior by Cecconi Simone

We came across a project envisioned by Cecconi Simone and we think you also have to take a look at it. Cecconi Simone has been well known for his creativity in answering the design problem in contemporary living. One of his stunning portfolios can be seen from this townhouse located in Downtown Toronto featuring a modern architecture in its dense interior. The house that occupies a total surface of 662 square feet space is a sample of a modern urban living that unifies functionality and openness. The dense and multifaceted interior become the main character of this living.  The living space, cooking space and dining room is combined in one large area. The transparency and reflective furniture define the interior. Dark and light element is well combined to create an elegant feeling. Warmth feeling is obtained from the use of neutral color such as deep espresso. White palette creates a visually larger space into its custom kitchen. Located behind a glass wall that stands from floor to ceiling, the oak stair is also very captivating. It creates a more dramatic look and dimensional depth. Each corner of this house is carefully planned to give a distinctive feel from the way every element is placed. It can be seen from decorative furnishing selection that adds character into the suite. Both artificial and natural light create their own impression. Storage system was also designed to function well while maintain the clean and sleek shape.