A Warm and Welcoming Apartment for A Young Professional Couple in New York

A New York-based architecture studio, Rodriguez Studio Architecture P.C, recently completed a renovation project aimed for a young professional couple. The apartment, which rested on a 3200 square feet area in Flatiro District, New York, focuses its design to create a close relationship between personal and public space. Relaxation spots are created into a chic looking terrace, which can be a great spot for numerous entertainments or social activities.

Named the W/G Loft, this apartment rests on the second floor of a building. It uses tall glass windows to enhance its interior. This apartment consists of three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The designer added industrial look to the interior through the use of brick wall and ceiling pipes. Wooden flooring gives a warm and welcoming feeling to the apartment. Paintings are the main decorative element that breaks the stiffness of the furniture’s clean shape. Plus, the warm color choice adds an intimate atmosphere to this spacious apartment. What do you think about this apartment?

WG Loft 3