AA House, Barcelona; A distinctive Geometric Designed Residence

This Barcelona based house is a great design architectural living with high quality facilities. The project which implements simple geometric shape is named as AA house. The building is using the program which resemblance a musical score in addition to its 7×7 meter skewed grid as the base of the footprint. A modern minimalist residence designed by OAB sets on a ground surrounded by natural terrain of green trees and yard. On the lower floor, the building features library, bedroom, kitchen and dining room. Feeling of wanting to have some relaxation, the inhabitants can enjoy swimming indoor since there is a swimming pool inside the house. Going to the upper part of the house, the second floor can be defined as a place to hang out with friends and family while enjoying piano play. The skylight is awesomely inspiring created by the diagonal roof system which also serves to lift the height of the rooftop. Looking at the base floor, the building incorporates open space interior and exterior connecting the two through a wide glass window. This allows the inhabitants to have a spectacular view of the outside green terrain. This generously sized window also allows natural light to flood the house.  Beside windows, sliding panels and trellises are also widely used in this house.

AA House OAB 8