Adega Gourmet: An Elegant Family Spot for Socializing In a Rustic Styled Wine Cellar

Adega Gourmet is a warm living space combining a kitchen and a wine cellar. Designed by Teresa Gouveia, this living space occupies a 61 sq meters area. The designer has successfully turned a room into a welcoming space where the inhabitants can invite friends to spend quality time while tasting wine. What’s enchanting about this room is the rustic details that can be seen from the massive use of wood for the furniture, wall, flooring and decorative items. Black wool rug brings more rustic effect that goes coherently with the whole interior layout. There is a shelf that contains more than 500 bottles. In order to give a bit of modern touch, stainless steel kitchen counter top is added. Glass is also cleverly embedded in some of furniture to give contemporary look apart from the mostly rustic items. The TV area is also very inviting. The plant near wine functions more than just an additional natural element,  it can reduce the vibration that may affect the taste of wine.  Overall, the Adega Gourmet is a perfect combination of wood, plant, and modern furniture items in a friendly socializing space. Isn’t it a fun space for family gathering? Share your comments with us.

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Adega Gourmet by Teresa Gouveia 1