An Adorable Sustainable Eco-House in Paris

Environmentally friendly house recently becomes a trend in building a healthy and comfortable house. It can be seen from a project envisioned by Djuric Tardio Architect entitled “Sustainable Eco-House”. Located in a suburban area of Paris, France, the house is mostly built with wood panels. It took less than two weeks for the site to be assembled.  What makes it different from the other houses surrounding it is the pergola with unfinished roof. Instead of functioning as a conventional roof, the pergola is transformed into a vegetable terrace. As the result, the house becomes an intimate place with bright atmosphere all over the interior. The natural element is inserted into the interior without disrupting its urban modern look. The attic is also used optimally to be a children playground or a place where inhabitants can relax. The crib uses pedestal as the base because of the irregular ground surface. If you look closely, the layout of the house is very flexible so it does not need much adjustment.  The inhabitants can remodel the space in anyway they desire thanks to the modular design approach used in it.

eco house (4)