An Apartement In Tokyo Designed For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

An apartment that allows you to ride your motorcycle inside is unusual. This is the result from the collaboration between Akiyoshi Takagi Architects, Nakae Architects and Ohno Japan presented. Sharing the same interest on how to integrate motorcycle garage into an apartment, the team designed a three-level apartment building that consists of eight apartment units. All of them feature a small garage in the first level for the motorcycle. This apartment is intended for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to live in an apartment that allows them to share their passion about motorcycle. Located in Tokyo, the building is made of mostly concrete with radial arrangement allowing the inhabitants to have plenty of space in each unit. The unique aspect of this apartment is from the way the inhabitants can ride their motorcycle inside the building with ease including making a complete turn. This is something you don’t see in a conventional apartment.

motorcycle building 2