An Apartment Designed For An Independent And Adventurous Young Woman

If you are an independent woman who lives alone and loves traveling and diving, this apartment must be appealing for you. The apartment designed by Stanley Tham of KNQ Associate takes the inspiration from a woman who loves traveling and diving and then brings the inspiration into a concept of dream living. The open space that merges the living room and dining room makes this apartment looks more spacious. Water element is implemented in the rug and TV wall that extends to the ceiling. It can also be found in the collections of shells as decorative elements beside the TV. It creates a sea atmosphere to the whole interior. Black and white palette is widely used as you can see the couch, chairs and rug are all in black. Bright colors such as green are also well incorporated to speak the style of active and dynamic young woman. Green adds fresh atmosphere as it is seen in the cooking zone. The kitchen and living room is not separated by wall. Instead a counter that replaces it to make the space feels spacious. The designer also took into consideration of things like mother who visits every once in a while. Therefore, the designer created a private zone. As you can see the main bedroom is split into three zones, the walk in closet, TV area and raised bed deck. Some artistic decorative elements are also well embellished into the room such as twigs and butterflies.

Apartment by designer Stanley Tham 17