An Elegant Living in Vietnam Designed By MM++ Architects

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this residence is designed to accommodate a family of five: a couple with three children. The architecture comprises of elements such as concrete, ceramic tiles, iron roof layer and brickwork to create contemporary style exterior and interior with the concept of simplicity. Peaceful ambiance comes from the garden inside the house that makes up the relaxing atmosphere for the entire home. Designed by MM++ Architects, this cozy residence gains plenty of natural light and the small garden is very helpful to cool the interior as well as function as natural view inside the house. The natural light is created by the clever arrangement of roof opening and open plan entrance area. In addition, a quiet and peaceful feeling is created by the existence of bamboo garden that is cleverly arranged inside this contemporary style residence. More about the interior, as you can see that the designer used playful colors to match the whole interior element making it not only peaceful but also a fun place to live in. What makes this house different also comes from the way it answers the challenge of harmonious living on a very cost effective budget.

Modern Residence - Gate