An Elegant Two Floor House in Seattle, the Azaya House

A modern house in Seattle, which is named the Azaya House, is a modern living for a young couple with two children. Pb Elemental Architecture, that was responsible for the house design, said that it was built on a perfect condition of the existing foundation. The renovation transformed the house into a residence with direct view of the Lake Washington. The designer has successfully incorporated a modern home concept on old base. The outcome is a contemporary living with exceptional layout.  The rooftop deck functions as a place for relaxation for family. The house consists of three bedrooms on the lower floor. Living space, media room and kitchen are located on the upper floor. The staircase does not only connect the first and second floor, but it also functions to be the access to the rooftop deck. From the outside, it is clearly seen that the house is built with perfect composition of wooden material and concrete. White palette and sharp lines furniture define this modern house creating clean and tidy living.

modern house 6