An Old Church Transformed Into A Bookstore While Maintaining The Original Architecture

Church is a sanctuary and peaceful place for most people. The following church offers more than that. This old church has been transformed into a multipurpose spot, but still keeping its original charm. From the outside, it looks like an old conventional church, but it was re-purposed into a bookstore with stunning interior. Let’s see what more this Amsterdam-based church can offer.


Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht (8)

Church reconversion has been done in some places in Holland, turning church into a more sophisticated building with different purpose. The local architectural studio, Merkx + Girod, turned this old church into a book store named The Selexyz Bookstore. With the intention of turning a church into a knowledge fountain, this contemporary library styled bookstore still keeps its original texture of antique building. This is only one of the many church transformations in Holland. Another stunning transformation is the Gothic church in Utrecht that was designed by Ruud Visser Studio. The gothic church has been transformed into a modern residence by Ruud Visser Studio.

The church bookstore below awes people who come inside with its amazing 13th century Dominion style ceiling. People who come there will not only be amazed by the collections of book, but they will also be amazed with the modern interior design that still maintains the antique architecture. It has approximately a 1,200 sq meters area featuring a long vertical bookshelf. There is also a cafe with more contemporary interior featuring a large cross-shaped table with small rounded tables around it. This spot is usually used by the choir. Want to buy book there?