Ashoka Canggu Villa: When Scandinavian Style Blends With Balinese Inspiration

Mencke and Vagnby, a Copenhagen-based architecture studio recently came with its new project of a marvelous residence. The owner, two young Hongkong couple, said that they have always wanted a house with vacation theme. Influenced by two cultures, this house perfectly combines the taste of Scandinavian interior design and Balinese inspiration. As a result, an elevated V-shaped floor plan is created to be a great living space for summer. Nestled on a 3,230 sq feet ground, this residence offers an amazing indoor and outdoor space. The name of the residence is borrowed from the area where it is built, which is located in the exotic area Canggu Village, Bali, Indonesia. Two pools complement the house with its outdoor and indoor rough stone flooring. The ground floor is set to have a strong connection with the pool, garden and magnificent view of the rice field. Balinese stone is used as the main structure that becomes the border of indoor and outdoor space. While the ground floor is bright and spacious, the first floor resembles concrete white box with three master bedrooms. The bathroom is also a captivating space that incorporates local Balinese stone and open concept over the bathtub and shower. There is a long swimming pool that extends from northern wing to the deck. It is a great spot to refresh mind as guests can enjoy the stunning view of green rice field and rainforest.