Atenas 038 House: A Luxury Residence Providing High Privacy and Comfort.

For those who demand privacy in their living space, this modern house might be a good reference. The project envisioned by Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura is a giant house showcasing a comfort living in a luxurious setting. Located in Goiania, Brazil, the house named the Atenas 038 House occupies a total area of 4,850 square feet. The inhabitants are ensured with high level of privacy although this house is located close to the main street. A large swimming pool and backyard complement the exterior. The socializing and entertainment spot displays a wide deck with comfortable lounge chairs. The living room extends to the outdoor terrace that makes it an open space and airy room. Private areas such as bedrooms are located on the second floor. Extraordinary house isn’t it? We would love to know your comments about this house.