Awesome Elevated Pool in Casa Devoto

Swimming pool has become an important part of any home. It is more than a place to swim, but it completes the look of a home as well as a place to relax. Isn’t it nice to see your children have fun swimming in this elevated pool? Below are the pictures of awesome swimming pool in a modern residence named Casa Devoto.  What’s unique from this elevated swimming pool is people can see through the pool clearly from different angles. If you don’t matter with privacy, integrating an elevated pool into your contemporary home can be a great addition. The designer, Andrés RemyArchitects, created this elevated pool that is surely captivating especially the way it complements the modern house. The interior design goes hand in hand with the exterior through the use of a large open-space concept. Stylish furniture adds its aesthetic look to the minimalist design house. As you can see, the luscious green yard is an eye-refreshing element among the white-dominated interior. Natural element can also be seen in the living room where the wall in the living room is made of stone. Isn’t it a lovely house? We would love to know what you think about it.

house with fantastic pool - elevated pool