Balinese and Italian Interior Combined in A Luxurious Bulgari Resort in Bali

Combining two different interior designs, Balinese and Italian designs, is the purpose of the Bulgari Resort in Bali. Nestled above a 300 square meters area, the Bulgari Resort in Bali awes anyone with its magnificent hybrid of interior. As the result, a resort that implements natural insertion in its indulging retreats. The very cultural Balinese style is seen from the alang-alang roof, while modern design is obtained from the Italian touch. The resort captures the best view of the ocean through its glamorous exterior. The private and social area was designed in a highly different distinction yet each of them features its own attractiveness. The private area looks very calming, while the festive area is more glamorous. Each stone has been carefully cut on site by hand. If Bali is in your holiday list, this resort should be a place for you to spend your time with your loved one. What do you think?

Bali Bulgari Resort