Barud House in Jerusalem: Impressive Residence Featuring Rock Inside The House

Occupying a 350 sq meters area, the Barud House is an exceptional residence designed by Partzki  Liani Architent. The concept of the residence was inspired by three elements: the terrain of Jerusalem that is mostly dominated by rock, wide view, and various religious buildings. These elements are mixed into this residence, which is located in Jerusalem. Its impressive design is apparent from the texture of the material, which is mainly composed by rock walls.

The rocky terrain of the environment is brought inside the home and functioned as the center of attraction. On the upper level of the house, the room interior connects the top of the residence to the bottom level.  The building interior allows natural light to reign thoroughly making the whole room looks bright especially with white as the dominant color. The inhabitants enjoy walking through the narrow tunnel exposing the beauty of nature from the rock displayed inside huge glass walls.

Barud House by Paritzki Liani Architects 4

The generously-sized glass windows do not only separate the room from the rock, but it also offers panoramic view of the sloppy terrain outside. What do you think about this impressive house?  Share your comment with us.