Bedroom for Active Boys By Perianth

This bedroom is perhaps the kind of bedroom that all boys dream to have. Perianth designed it to be more than just a place to sleep. It offers many things for an active teenage boy. Let’s take a look at what makes this bedroom special.  As you can see, this bedroom is designed to keep the boy busy with various features inside it. Some features are unusual to be placed in a bedroom, yet they are somehow inspiring. This bedroom, which is one of the rooms in a New York apartment, features a rock climbing wall, a punching bag, and a mini basketball court.  There are several shelves for the boy to put books, action figure collections, trophies, and other teenage stuffs. The interior is also captivating with white color palette and a contrasting dark blue carpet. Even a grown-up would like to stay there due to the many interesting things offered by the bedroom. If you are looking for an idea to redecorate your son’s bedroom, this bedroom can be a very inspiring one to start with. Enjoy the pictures and tell us your favorite piece in this bedroom.