Board Kitchen: Highly Modern Kitchen Design That Suits Small Space

Sleek, compact and modern, these might be the best words to describe the distinctive design of this kitchen. As more modern people demand modern appliances, Snaidero manufacturer in collaboration with interior designer Petro Arosio designed a sleek looking and artistic kitchen named the Board Kitchen. This kitchen unit answers the need of modern people of aesthetic and functional kitchen.

This kitchen unit enables cooking, food preparation and washing in a compact shape board. It comes in two sizes: 90 cm and 120 cm. The small version suits best for small apartment while the larger one fits larger apartment. The larger version was built with dynamic chopping blocks that come in slide design. This kitchen is clearly a functional solution for a small residence because it can be customized to meet small space. Designed in a completely suspended operating unit, this kitchen looks lighter in its strong structure. The self-supporting structure makes it possible to let it unfold from the storage area. It will enable the user to enjoy preparing meal with more flexible movements. Imagine having this modern kitchen in your flat and combine with colorful kitchen backsplash, looking cool isn’t it?

Highly Modern Kitchen Design That Suits Small Space - 04