Buholen Cabin: A Norwegian Cottage Inspired By Nature

Buholen cabin is a Norwegian waterfront cabin offering magnificent view of the surrounding nature: stone and water. The residence, designed by Skaara Arkitekter AS, occupies 1,706 sq feet beside an inlet. Besides the beautiful view of river leading to Jomfruland Sea, this cottage is connected to the natural environment through the use of stone and wood, which are two dominants materials of this cabin. This ex-old cabin is renovated into a new cozy living with two main zones as the center of the house: the living space and the sleeping space. This open-concept living space uses fan shaped plan that gives a direct view to the sea. The patio serves to protect the house from frequent blow of sea wind. The south part also uses open concept and is intended for socializing activity and cooking area where the inhabitants can also enjoy the view of the tranquil blue water. Behind the cottage is a stone terrain that becomes another beautiful view of the environment. While the southern part of the cottage provides a sleeping cabin, the green yard is another attractive view with stone steps leading to the sea. This is a great place to spend the weekends while looking at sunset and the sea.