Captivating House On The Hill With Expansive Use Of Glass

A house with wide glass windows always makes an interesting living space. Below you will see a house with extensive use of windows with bold modern concept. Designed by James D LaRue Architects, the house named House on The Hill offers a unique atmosphere through the extensive use of glass. If you have seen the  Westlake Drive House, you will be reminded by this house since they are built by the same architect. According to the Austin-based architect team, the house is built with an open floor plan through the massive use of glass. Similar with the name, the house is located along a steep of hillside that benefits from magnificent view of the country hill. The house successfully interprets a comfortable and bright living space through the extensive use of glass.


House on the Hill (11)

One of the unique parts of the house is the glass door. Not many house uses glass for the door, but this house brings this element very well and still functional. The wooded flooring gives natural feeling for the interior that breaks the monotony of white palette interior. Some chic and stylish elements are added as you can see from the furniture, lamps, flower vase and many others. So, do you find it as impressive as we do?