Casa De Sol: An Extraordinary Spacious Residence with Playful Design

We came across a house in Condominium Villa Castella, Brazil and we think you should take a look at its amazing design. The project completed by David Guerra Architecture and Interior displays an outstanding green yard that can be seen from the inside of this house through the generously-sized glass windows. The house entitled Casa de Sol features a large terrace where the inhabitants can have a relaxing time together.

The use of glass windows allows natural air and light to reign through all levels of the house. While wood material provides warm and welcoming feel. Spacious living and dining area becomes the center point of the house. The furniture and decorative elements were carefully selected to match the whole modern interior concept while providing an aesthetic look into it.  Every zone of the house features a distinctive look. Despite the modern minimalist style, cultural touch is also added.

Casa do Sol Wooden Furnitures

Enjoy the pictures of the playful design of the bathroom and bedroom and tell us what you think about this house?