Chic Apartment with Colorful and Enchanting Decorative Elements

Interior designer Mireia Pla from Studio Vuong shows an inspiring apartment design with a chic look and an abundance of natural light. This apartment is influenced by Balinese culture and neo-hippie style to bring an effortless enchanting residence. The glass windows, generously-sized sliding doors and skylight brighten the cooking area. For the courtyard, the designer has successfully brought the mix of cultures to create a mood booster spot for socializing. The casual style incorporated in this apartment is very fresh and inviting.

You can see each of the furniture and decorative elements is carefully selected. The colorful painting, distinctive small tables, and fluffy couch are just a few enchanting pieces of the furniture in this apartment. The Balinese touch can be seen from the wooden furniture, rattan decorative items and carpet. The bedroom is a relaxing sanctuary space with its vivid purple that breaths feminine style. See the table lamp beside the bed? Who wouldn’t want to have that item in the bedroom? In order to make a friendly feeling, the wooden ceiling is made lower inside and outside. So, what do you think about it?

Designer Mireia Pla of Studio Vuong 10