Chic Family Apartment In Stockholm With Black Terrace


Again, Stockholm shows an interesting place to live for a growing family. Found on, the Swedish apartment as you see below is a 104 square meters living located in a historic building. The designer’s creative mind has turned the interior into a modern living for a dynamic family with a touch of warmth. As you can see, those purple chairs are used to live up the atmosphere of the room. The wooden beam on the ceiling and the traditional fireplace are some historic touch that gives a warm and welcoming feeling to the inhabitants. Maximizing the use of small space is always challenging, yet this apartment has proven it. The apartment features two small bedrooms that are practical and comfortable for resting. For socializing and relaxation, the apartment features a black-dominated terrace where the inhabitants can spend quality time with family or friends. This is a very original design of a contemporary small apartment. What do you think about it?