Chic Looking Apartment With Handmade Decorative Items

We came across this chic looking apartment in Belgrade, Serbia and we think you should take a look at it too. Designed by Dragana Lazovic, it is a newly renovated apartment that takes two months for the renovation process. The main objective of the renovation is to create a bright space with Scandinavian touch.

The interesting point of this apartment is the decorative elements such as the handmade photos. More about it, the furniture were mostly not bought at furniture store except for the beds and chairs. As it is said earlier that most items were made by the owner, the curtains were hand-sewn by the owner as well. You can see some chic-looking yellow and blue pillow case, all of them were knitted by the owner herself. The color choice is cleverly mixed in this small apartment. Share what you think about this apartment.

Small Apartment Table by Dragana Lazovic