Comfortable and Modern Flat in Hongkong with Minimalist Design

Hongkong as a modern city reflects in the way living space is designed. The apartment design by Max Lam from Modern uses modern minimalist approach to create this comfortable flat. Nestling on 1020 sq foot, this apartment is still part of a shopping mall in Hongkong. White and grey as a dominant color of the interior gives a modern look allowing some striking color such as green and yellow to liven up the room. Yellow breaks the monotony of black and white and acts as energy booster for anyone entering the room. Wallpaper choice enhances the room interior giving it artistic touch to a small apartment.

Some decorative elements are cleverly put in here. For example the black glasses which stretch from the entrance to the living room lend its modern look. As the guest enters the room they are welcomed with generous sized sofa in grey. This is a great spot for inviting friends to have a nice afternoon talk or watching films. Moving to the dining room, there is a table which can accommodate four people. Without border, the kitchen is a united part of the living room making this apartment look spacious. There is also a bar table which adds convenience to fully equipped kitchen. So, what do you think about this apartment? Share your comment with us.

modern apartment