Connemara Residence: Modern and Natural Style Infused In A Rural Area Cottage

Settled peacefully in beaten off area in Irish Landscape, this cottage can be a great inspiration of a modern living in natural setting. The cottage called Connemara Residence is the result of artistic and creative mind of Peter Legge Associates, which took the inspiration from the dream modern living structure that blends perfectly with the rural countryside environment.  This house consists of two stacked stone buildings united by a transparent structure with its light flooded staircase.  From the outside, the residence seems goes in harmony with the landscape and the stone element, but the interior is very contrasting in which it implements contemporary design. The dining room extends to the terrace, creating a visually wider look through the glass door that can be folded. As the inhabitants come in, series of small windows welcome them in the front entrance. This is a great way to infuse natural light from skylight into the interior. As you can see, natural and modern style is perfectly combined in this cottage through the use of stone and glass as the dominating materials. A very interesting rural residence isn’t it?