Contemporary Residence in Sydney with Amazing Infinity Pool

An infinity pool is always amazing, and the House in Vaucluse that is located in the suburb area of Sidney is one of the amazing samples. This house, which was designed by Bruce Stafford Architect, was conceptualized to give the inhabitants the most benefit of various views of the house. Interior spaces are connected to a central horizontal and vertical circulation spine on the long axis of the house. Water becomes a center element of this house, which can be seen from the presence of infinity pool in the backyard.

The spacious living area also benefits from the views around it.  According to the designer, the owner demanded a living that provides warmth in an aesthetic residence, and the outcome is this luxury house named House in Vaucluse. It uses natural elements such as wood and water to connect with the surrounding environment.  This house is finished with concrete floor, steel and timber assembled into a contemporary living style to provide a seamless flow between the outside and the inside part of the house. The stone material such as backlit Onyx and quartz stone gives highlight to this white palette building. The glass wall terrace allows the inhabitants to enjoy the magnificent views of the infinity pool and the bay ahead.

Vaucluse House by Bruce Stafford Architects 10