Cozy Summer House In Sweden Surrounded By Rocky Terrain

This summer house in Sweden as you can see below showcases a modern living surrounded by rocks. The project completed by creative designer Marts Fahlander is a great sample of summer house design that maximizes the connection between a contemporary living and the surrounding environment. The house, which was developed for a young couple with one child, received influences from the contrast of the local climate: harsh winter and pleasant summer. The socializing area is mostly dominated by wooden panels covering the floor and ceiling. The architect described that the residence was built using a simple geometry concept. The house features a front room that is the closest room to the ocean. The living area includes a cooking zone, a dining room and a social spot. The large glass panels divide the room when it is closed. But when they are slid to the side, the rooms overlook the outer bridge and make this house an open wide house. The guest house also features a bedroom and sauna. So, what do you think about the house?

A Summer House Surrounded by Rocks