Crab Creek House: Elegant Residence with The Best View Of Crab Creek

Robert Gurney has recently renovated a 1960’s building into a modern minimalist residence. Named the Crab Creek House, this residence still has its original foundation in order to maintain the closeness to Crab Creek, which is the main breath of Chesapeake Bay. Moreover, with the strict environmental regulations in Annapolis, Maryland, this old beauty can become a center of attraction for the surrounding. Rectangular shapes forming the architecture as well as the glass walls and opening give contemporary minimalist look. Wood is the main material of this building. Looking at the inside of the house, the furniture are kept simple and in coherence with the whole concept of the residence.  Behind the house, there is a swimming pool that complements the backyard view. The scenery of Crab Creek and pool can be captured from the inside the house through generously sized window glass.  This home is a successful make over from an old retro house into a modern styled living. So, is this kind of your dream living? Tell us what you think.