Creative Wooden Box That Functions As Bedroom, Book Storage And Dressing Room

This piece of furniture is unique and was designed for various functions. This piece of furniture was designed by a team of creative mind: the homeowner and the designers Lynda and Peter Benoit from Melander Architect. They have answered a challenge in which they had to remodel a loft that suffered from poor planning located in Emeryville, California.

The main attraction of this renovated loft is the wooden box with a dimension of 16-17-19 foot that can serve as multifunction furniture. This finely crafted wooden box can accommodate three purposes: a bookcase, a bedroom and a dressing room. The outer part can be used to store books or magazines while the inner side is a bedroom and upper part is a dressing room. There is a stairway that connects to the hidden space, which is well integrated into the whole wooden box design. Since this wooden box is placed inside the house, it may take so much space. But overall, it’s a stunning and creative piece that adds a character to the interior.

Bedroom Idea with Creative Wooden Box

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