Creative Wooden Partition in a Japanese Pojagi House in Yokohama

Take a look at this modern Japanese house designed by Kiyotoshi Mori & Natsuko Kawamura from architecture studio MDS. Spectacular windows offering direct view toward the street define the house that is located in the downtown of Yokohama.  Cedar boards are used to create an enhancing visual effect. The fence, which is made of concrete, gives firm look to the exterior. The designer describes the house as a home that features a space in which the flooring uses Tatami mats to cover the floor. It is referred as Tsuzukima that means a ‘continuous gap’. The rooms are subdivided into smaller spaces using the sliding screens. The designer creatively adopted the Korean Pojagi patchwork to make the rooms look authentic. Some wooden pillars are used in order to serve as partition in which panels of fabric are hung together.  While the square columns are put against each other from the walls, the wooden pillars match the flooring that creates a coherence look in the interior. The way the designer uses wood as partition could be an inspiring idea for your next interior project. What do you say about this house?