Creatively Designed Multimedia Library With Vintage Touch

It seems no one would resist spending time in this cozy spot. This multimedia library was formerly a spare room, and the Brazilian Architect YTA transformed into a comfortable space for family. This home multimedia library located in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil is very inspiring. Vintage items are added to enhance the look of this space. Concrete slabs are concealed by the wooden material to give distinctive look to the room. These wooden boards can be used to place some books that are already read. Some pipes were installed on the wall with some lighting that gives the room a dramatic effect. It is a clever way to use a low cost material for a welcoming interior design. The vintage items are very captivating such as the typing machine, small TV, old picture and pillows are cleverly blended into this room. Though the interior seems industrial, this multimedia library comes with modern devices that can be accessed through tablet. The inhabitants can control audio, lighting, temperature, play video and safety from one gadget. Do you find it inspiring as we do? We would love to know your comments about it.

Multimedia Library by Yta (3)