Curved House: A U-Shaped Residence With A Large Swimming Pool On The Courtyard

The eclectic interior and exterior design of the Curved House is like no other. Let’s take a look what this residence can offer. Designed by Hufft Projects Studio, this house is located in Springfield, Missouri. This U-shaped residence offers distinctive features that might drop your jaws. You will love the large swimming pool that becomes the focal point of the courtyard. The custom fire pit is also an exceptional outdoor feature, which is a great place to spend a romantic time with the loved ones around it. This house clearly offers a great place for gathering and parties. Artistic touch is seen from the carefully chosen material such as Spanish roof tile, western red cedar, and brick to form an exceptional house with high taste of interior design. Not only that, the designer also implemented a sustainable living concept into this residence, which was manifested into a geothermal system, natural day lighting, photovoltaic array on the cabana room, and radiant floor heating. All of these features can be found in every room. Tell us your favorite spot in this house, as for me the fire pit is just amazing. [Photo Credit: Mike Sinclair]

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