Dangle Byrd House: A Comfortable Residence In The Pennsylvania Forest


Dangle Byrd House is a very comfortable residence built with three different elements: stone, steel and glass. This residence has a total surface of 3,000 square foot in a five acre wooded terrain in Downtowing, Pennsylvania. This house is envisioned by New York-based architecture studio, Koko Architecture + Design bringing, which used glass as the dominant element of this residence. As the result, there are numerous glass windows that allow natural light to flood the interior in all levels of the house. The house is also designed to be eco-friendly through the use of its material. It is clearly benefited from luscious green view of the surrounding. Carefully designed to meet comfort and elegance, this house uses passive solar heating and radiant floors, which can provide comfort during the summer season. Speaking more about the interior, the open space plan creates more spatial experience to the inhabitants. The interior designer also mixed Japanese style interior into this house. At the first glance, one would see this house is similar to shadow boxes that are connected by a “bird cage”. But as the inhabitants look further inside, the what-so-called “bird cage” is functioned to view the outside environment. There is a bridge made of steel that connects two zones of the house up to the guest bedroom. While the northern side of the house features a private balcony with the beautiful view of swimming pool.