Der Spiegel’s New Canteen: A Distinctive Canteen Showcasing The Company’s Journalistic Philosophy

When you look at these pictures, does it come across your mind that this is a canteen? This distinctive canteen is the new canteen for the employees of the most popular German magazine, Der Spiegel. Designed by Ippolito Fleit Group, this canteen brings dining space into a whole new level.  Moving to the new office, this company offers a unique canteen that is more than just a place to eat during lunch break. Anyone entering this room will be welcomed by its distinctive interior design. The designer is inspired with the idea of combining social space with relaxing spot. Occupying a 520 square meters area, the designer got the inspiration from the 1969 Verner Panton dining design. This canteen is also intended to live up the company’s dialogue culture, which means this place is expected to be a spot for meeting, exchanging ideas, and socializing among the dynamic employees of Der Spiegel. The design of the canteen is also inspired by the meaning of the company name, Der Spiegel, which means mirror in English. The ceiling, which is comprised of more than 4000 aluminum circles, adds luminescence as the distinguished part of the interior. It serves as decorative elements that can conceal the wires behind it while adding spark to the room.  Additionally, bright colors such as yellow create positive atmosphere to the room. The hanging lamps above each table look like mushrooms, which are simple but give a great modern ambiance. Isn’t it great to eat while enjoying its classy interior design with your workmates?

Der Spiegel Canteen Design (30)