Dexter Movie Actor Is Selling His Mansion for $1.995 Million

Do you still remember Dexter movie? If yes, Michael C. Hall must sound familiar to you. Recently, this actor is selling his luxurious mansion that is located in Hollywood Hills. The mansion that was designed by Hal Levitt is a very cozy living with contemporary interior design. It was actually a 1963 styled house that was renovated by Hal Levit. He lived there until 2004 and in 2008 Michael C Hall bought it for $1, 75 million and now selling it for $1.995 million.

You may think it is overpriced, but if you take a look inside you will know that this mansion deserves such a price. If you love to live in a house with high privacy, this house meets your needs since it is located away from crowded area. The house is designed in sleek lines and sharp angles making it looks clean and modern. The mansion consists of five bedrooms including a guest room, a dining room, four bathrooms, a living room, and a large swimming pool.

Fitness room of Dexter Home Design

Master bedroom is located on the lower floor, while guest bedrooms are located on the second floor. Each of them is enhanced with large glass windows displaying the beautiful view of the canyon. Besides the classy interior design, a celebrity house always offers distinctive attraction.