Distinctive Architecture of Luxury Mercedes House, NY

From above, this building looks like a huge botanical stair in the middle of the New York city. This amazing building, which is named the Mercedes House, has a total of 865 units, which include luxury condominiums and rental. Designed in highly modern structure, the Mercedes House was built to have a magnificent view overlooking the Hudson River and De Witt Clinton Park. Occupying a total surface of 1.3 million sq feet, this building features its own public garden, mirrored courtyard and sun deck. It is a very large building designed by Ten Arquetectos that features 200 parking space and auto showroom as large as 55,000 sq feet located on the ground floor.

Each inhabitant is offered with a unit that is flooded with natural sunlight. Each room is designed to allow the inhabitant to enjoy panoramic view of the city, river and park from the terrace. This building definitely changes the boring look of a skyscraper into a green and luxurious one. With its bold and distinctive architecture and interior design, the Mercedes House defines a life in style. Does it look like your dream living?

Mercedes House by Ten Arquitectos 1